Cluster X2 by NHT Global

Cluster X2 By NHT Global

Cluster X2 – provides moisture to your skin cells

NHT-Global-Fast-Facts-ButtonClustered water, or “free water”, easily penetrates into the cells and can easily carry nutrients, removes harmful substances and to keep in touch at the appropriate level between cells. NHT Global uses patented technology, through which the purified water is converted Cluster X2 – water and high levels of magnetization. This active water makes it easier to deliver nutrients to the body and remove harmful substances more effectively than the bound water contained in the cells age*. Drink Cluster X2 by NHT Global and Feel Healthy!

Two types of water

Science has found that the human body contains two main types of water: bound water and clustered (structured) water. Bound water is the water, which is physically bound to other molecular structures and is not capable of penetrating the cells.

How clustered water works

Is a structured cluster water molecules linked by common hydrogen atoms. A water molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen atom, forming the familiar formula us H2O. But perhaps you did not know that the water does not consist of single molecules and clusters of them, and drinking water contains large clusters of up to 13 molecules in each. It looks as though 13 groups hold hands.

For your body, this means that you feel the fullness longer after drinking a glass of water because of the larger number of water molecules that the body processes.

However, if you drink the water cluster, it is much more effectively dissolve into cells and nourish them with moisture. In fact, it is a system by which your body gets more “wet” water that quickly absorbed by the cells.

Does it sound confusing?

Imagine that clustered water is a handful of bullets, you play softball. If you throw a softball ball into the fence of mesh netting, it is, of course, will not pass through it. But if you throw a bullet through the fence, they are easy to fly through. Clustered water is the same. Just like a bullet through the net, it gets into your cells, saturating your body with moisture in seconds, without causing swelling.


The beneficial features of structured water:

The molecular structure of the cluster of water in nature is found only in a few special places. It is well known that where the water occurs in nature, people live a long and eventful life without suffering from diseases which are widely in the western world. Chinese Society of Studies of health problems found that 60% of people was drinking the water cluster to have a higher level of cell hydration*.

How does Cluster X2 by NHT Global support your body

This active, highly mobile Cluster X2 water helps deliver nutrients more quickly, hydrates more efficiently, and promotes cell waste removal much more effectively than the “bound” water most commonly found in older cell systems*.

Cellular senescence

It was found that clustered water plays an important role in the functioning of our cells. Studies have shown that lack of this water contributes to the aging of cells and the emergence of various diseases. When we are young, our bodies contain a lot of water cluster. However, with age increased the amount of bound water which is unable to enter cells freely*.

Action clustered water

Our body contains about 50 trillion cells. Water that supports their existence is called clustered water. Unlike drinking water, rainwater or mineral water, clustered water (Cluster Water) has unique specifications, which allow it to enter cells freely, bringing them oxygen, nutrients, protein chains and enzymes. As well as remove toxins and other harmful substances. This water efficiency cluster (Cluster Water) owes its structure and molecular structure of the cells themselves. Small water clusters pass freely through the hexagonal channels in cell membranes*.

* The studies show that the loss of 2% reduces water activity in the cells by 20%.

* More than 99% of all the chemical reactions in the cells provides the water.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.