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Valura Lux by NHT Global – improves male health

Buy Valura by NHT Global

Valura Lux by NHT Global is safe and clinically proven and it helps improve male sexual health and performance. We have good news –  Valura Lux by NHT Global is a natural and healthy product for Valura Lux by NHT Global is for increasing manhoodexternal use. Valura Lux was developed by Dr. Ronald Thompson, using Angiogenesis tissue engineering. It increases

Valura Lux was developed by Dr. Ronald Thompson, using Angiogenesis tissue engineering. It increases tissue oxygen, tissue nutrients, and tissue blood flow. The principal components of Valura Lux are L-arginine and menthol at increased concentrations, free of artificial preservatives. It is specifically designed to stimulate blood flow to the skin exterior, infuse a crucial sensual stimulation and desire required for optimum pleasure*.

Valura Lux is for a full sexual experience.

NHT Global has always set the pace in offering immediate impact products of the best quality. From preliminary production stage to finished products, we always search for new and innovate ways of improving the wellness, lifestyle, beauty, and home of our esteemed customers.

Join the ever-growing population of couples whose lives have generally changed and significantly improved a quality of life!

Valura Lux is hydroxyl benzoic acid-free and contains a selection of natural ingredients. It provides an extraordinary energy and increased sexual pleasure*.

Health Benefits of Valura Lux 

Due to the fact that Valura Lux is an upgraded approach to the Valura Lux, there are significantly increased benefits of this product;

  • Improves and stimulates sexual performance – Valura lux is medically approved to increase blood flow, therefore enhancing penile size as well as improving sexual performance. Circulation and libido are notably improved*.
  • Fertility enhancement – male spermatogenesis optimization*
  • Spawns the essential and sensual arousal and pleasure*
  • Paraben free – it is formulated without the use of parabens or any other synthetic preservatives*
  • Increased virility*
  • Enhanced harmonious intimacy*
  • Relieve andropause*
  • Enlarge local tissue*
  • Patented technology
  • Top quality and safety
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility.

Video, the creator Dr. Ronald J. Thompson explains the health benefits of Valura Lux by NHT Global

It is not a rare occurrence among men to lack a sexual drive. From time to time, such occurrences may be attributed to various factors. Ranging from the lack of a desired partner – to other simple causes. Like age, depression, parenthood, low testosterone. Even Life-threatening illness, medical prescriptions, hereditary traits, amnesia, stress, e.t.c. However, a constant occurrence of low libido may be a subject for concern and may outline the need for precautionary measures.

Tips for application to achieve optimum results

  • Apply 0.5 ml of Valura Lux on your fingertips, then apply diligently on the desired area twice daily
  • It is advisable to use before sexual intercourse for increased pleasure
  • For maximum result, apply Valura Lux for at least three (3) to six (6) months every day
  • Apply daily after bath for anti-aging benefits
  • Endeavor to return to pre-treatment state if Valura Lux administration is discontinued

Components o Valura Lux by NHT Global

  • Purified Water USP
  • Propylene Glycol USP
  • Nitric oxide
  • Menthol USP
  • L-arginine USP
  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose NF.
  • Citric Acid US
  • Paraben free – NHT Global is proud to introduce a clean formulation made without the use of parabens or other synthetic preservatives.

Valura Lux has all the attributes of a necessary accessory

Valura Lux comes in two (2) different sleek looking designs. It is a 17ml pump bottle that is suitable for pocket sizes, making it available for use at home, office, travel or on-the-go.

Alura Lux by NHT Global- womens Intimacy Cream


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.