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Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global

Cordyceps_Mycelia_CS-4_by NHT_GlobalCordyceps by NHT Global has the newest unique formula. The kidney is a very important part of the body. It is the natural filter of the body it helps to remove waste and nourish the body. It also ensuresCordyceps-by-NHT-Global for kindney health that the physiological balance of the body is well maintained.

For a healthy immune system, taking proper care of the kidney becomes a no-brainer. Poor kidney health can disrupt the normal functioning of the body system and affect our overall health.

This is why NHT Global manufacture an amazing product that will help maintain kidney health, prevent kidney pain, and kidney disease. 

In case if you are in search of a tested and trusted way to ensure that your kidney function at optimal performance. Then Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global is the perfect fit for you. Some of the benefits of Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 include:

Support Kidney Health

The kidney plays an important role in removing waste matter and toxins from the body. It also helps in regulating blood pressure. If left uncared for, it may bring about kidney pain and several other kidney diseases.

Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global contains several kinds of essential amino acids and enzymes. All these will help keep the kidney clear of kidney stones. It also contains vitamins that will help maintain and support kidney health.

Reduce Fatigue and Promote Sleep

Our day to day activities and stress we put our body through often bring about fatigue. Whenever you feel deflated, maybe due to work or any other activity, simply take Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global. This is an amazing medicine that contains Agaricus Blazei extracts, a natural source of amino acids and polysaccharides. Agaricus Blazei is a unique species of mushroom renowned for its revitalizing properties.

Hence, Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 helps to reduce fatigue, leaving you refreshed, and revitalized. It also helps to promote deeper, more restful sleep.

Improve Blood Circulation   

The blood circulation system sends blood, oxygen, and nutrients to various parts of the body. A reduction in blood flow can bring about tingling, numbness, muscle cramp, pain, and lots more.

In case you usually notice any of these symptoms, NHT Global’s Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 is for you. Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 contains unique adenosine which helps to improve the flow of blood to the heart. This ensures that your blood circulatory system is functioning well.

Boost Immunity

In Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is considered one of the most treasured tonic herbs. It is traditionally used to nourish the kidneys and improve immunity. Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global will help boost immunity. In addition, it will prevent the various type of diseases, including kidney disease.

Protects Against Harmful Free Radicals

Fried food and alcohol often contain lots of free radicals. These free radicals are harmful to the kidney. Once they find their way into the body, they become dangerous to our overall health. They bring about kidney pain.

Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global contains up to 18 kinds of essential amino acids, herbal leaf extracts, and antioxidants. All these will help protect your liver against harmful free radicals.

Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global remains an amazing natural herbal product to help maintain kidney health. Help your body perform the way it was intended with NHT Global’s Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4.

With this unique herbal formula, you are guaranteed to get the best protection for your kidney.

Kidney’s Weakness? It’s an alert to your health!

The kidney is the fundamental of the body based on Chinese medical theories. The organ is responsible for nourishing your body and maintaining the body’s physiological balance. If your kidney is “weak”, your body is probably unhealthy! Let’s see if your kidney is weak

Symptoms of Weak Kidney 

Look Pale   Get tired easily       Apathetic     Cold hands and feet
Dizziness     Frequent illnesses  Insomnia      Frequent nightmare
Forgetful     Gray Hair         Hair Loss     Back rheumatic pain
Gasp for a breath Cough

It is a very common health problem for city dwellers. It influences the quality of life for many people badly. So, if you have such symptoms, it’s an alert to your health. Be good to yourself & here we have a choice for you!

Suggested Use of Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 by NHT Global

  • Take 2 capsules in the morning & 1 capsule at night each day.
  • Serve with a glass of warm water for better absorption.


  • Keep out of reach from children
  • If you are pregnant, lactating, or currently under medical supervision, please consult physician before using
  • if you are allergic to the product, please stop using it and consult a physician immediately