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Preferred Customer NHT GlobalThanks to the Preferred Customer Program, customers have access to their NHT office and they can buy NHT Global products up to 25% Discount On Select Products.

NHT Global Preferred Customer Prices (VAT excl.) – best NHT Global Product Prices!

Many of our products have been developed in cooperation with the leading doctors, scientists, and formula developers. Thus, they deserve exceptional trust in the market. We create products taking into consideration your needs from the very first stage of development to the release of the end product. We offer you products that guarantee results.

 Best NHT Global Product prices for PREFERRED CUSTOMER 

  • If you are a customer who loves our products our new PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROGRAM  is for YOU!
  • If you are a Distributor but just love our products and want to continue to avail of discounts when you order but are not interested to build the business – our new PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROGRAM is for YOU
  • If you are a Distributor building a business with NHT Global and have new or existing customers who want to continue to avail of discounts without being distributors – our new PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROGRAM is for THEM

The PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROGRAM, is a loyalty program for members and consumers who are looking for an easy way to buy NHT Global products and benefit from a considerable discount based on the fact they use our products on a regular basis.

The preferred Customer Program has been designed also for NEW CUSTOMERS who want to enjoy the benefits of using NHT Global products!

The NHT Global products are divided into 4 categories: BEAUTY | LIFESTYLE | HEALTH | HERBS

Wellness Products – best NHT Global prices

  • StemRenu price – 70.00 USD / 62.50 EUR
  • Premium Noni Juice price  –  44.50 USD / 29.54 EUR
  • Omega 3 Essential Fatty price – 43.00 USD / 32.96 EUR
  • ReStor Silver price – 57.05 USD / 32.96 EUR
  • ReStor Vital price – 62.10 USD / 32.96 EUR
  • FibeRich price – 31.00 USD / 26.14 EUR
  • Cluster X2price – 56.50 USD / 35.44 EUR

BEAUTY Product – best NHT Global prices

buy Skindulgence Facelift System for the cheapest price

  • Skindulgence Firming masque (Paraben-free version) price – 62.50 USD / 51.13 EUR
  • Skindulgence® Time Restore Essence price –  44.87 USD / 27.27 EUR
  • Skindulgence® BioCell SC Mask price – 53.85 USD / 55.52 EUR
  • Skindulgence® Time Restore System Eyecream price – 42.71 USD / 27.27 EUR

  • NEW NHT Global Product Airelle Berrimatrix Skincare   –  Set
  • Airelle Berrimatrix Skincare   –  Set price 350.00 USD

it is possible to get each product separate as well

  • 1 Age-defying Facial Serum –  90.90 USD /
  • 1 Intense Hydrating Repair Complex –  90.90 USD /
  • 1 Age-defying Eye & Lip Treatment –  64.00 USD /
  • 1 Exfoliating Cleanser-  38.00 USD /
  • Hydrating Manuka Mask –  84.00 USD /

Botanical Hand Protector cream

  • Botanical Hand Protector price  –  20.20 USD / 18.18 EUR

ECO CERT Floraeda System for our customers, Floraeda prices:

  • Floraeda Double Hydrating Cream  – 25.00 EUR
  • Floraeda Hydrating Cream – 20.45 EUR
  • Floraeda Hydrating Primer – 28.41 EUR
  • Floraeda Hydrating Night Cream –  20.45 EUR
  • Floraeda Cleansing Milk – 18.18 EUR
  • Complete Renewal 8 Age Defying Hair Mask – 25.00 EUR

LIFESTYLE Product – best NHT Global prices

  • Alura LUX  by NHT Global price – 38.00 USD / 32.96 EUR
  • Valura Lux by NHT Global price – 38.00 USD / 32.96 EUR

Improving everything at each and every stage of the development process NHT Global sees to the highest standards of product quality.

We cooperate with the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers having certificates in appropriate manufacturing practice, harness high-end technologies, select only the best ingredients and keep to the market tendencies and latest scientific researches.

The NHT Global Products meet all needs of the postindustrial society, where stress, environmental pollution, unhealthy eating destroys a human body on a cellular level. And it means that vitamins and food additives given us by the previous generation no longer help us recharge batteries. People need products that would influence them on a cellular level.