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Why Get Monthly Facials

why get monthly facials

Why Get Monthly Facials?

By: Devin Smith, Holistic Esthetician and Lead Educator

Many of us can agree that facials simply feel great. But, do you absolutely need a facial? And how often should you come in for a professional facial treatment? Our team of Shop Good Holistic Estheticians recommend receiving a facial treatment every 4-6 weeks. Let’s dive into the science and reason why getting monthly facials is a non-negotiable when optimally caring for your skin. 

To Optimally Support Cellular Turnover

Your stratum corneum, aka your outermost layer of visible skin, turns over approximately every 28 days. But as we age, that process of cellular renewal slows down; not to mention, environmental stressors, lifestyle, and inflammation all play heavy factors in cellular renewal. Although the skin is a complex, beautiful organ, it does still need our support. Getting a professional facial coinciding with your skin’s cycle (including a thorough, deep cleanse and exfoliation treatment) will safely aid in your cellular turnover without stripping your skin’s acid mantle. (Fun skin fact: your acid mantle is a very fine, mildly acidic film on the surface of your skin that acts as a protective barrier –when disrupted skin can be prone to damage, dermatitis, breakouts and even infection.)

To Avoid Skin Concerns Like Acne and Clogged Pores

Your Holistic Esthetician is trained to not only safely remove impurities, like dirt and dead skin, but can also provide proper extractions. Remember, pores are completely natural and an important part of our beautiful skin. However, when pores are left unchecked, they can fill and expand, leading to a mess of skin conditions like acne, blackheads, & whiteheads. Pores are not like shutters; they do not open and close the way one traditionally thinks. Keeping pores clean and taut prevents them from over-filling and dilating. Monthly facials not only keep your skin clean and healthy but keep your pores in check. A plus, when skin is free of build up, dirt, debris, keratin and sebum, it allows for better product absorption, which in turn means better results from our skincare regimen and less waste of products you’ve chosen to invest in. And a friendly reminder from your Shop Good Esthetician – do not pick or try to extract your face at home; leave it to the experts!

To Increase Circulation, Leading to Plumper, Healthier Looking Skin

Where blood flows, skin glows. A good facial can increase circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue. Good circulation is also critical for cellular health, wound healing and increasing hydration in the skin, which everyone can benefit from.

Through massage & savvy industry tools, your Holistic Esthetician can get blood pumping, “de-puff”, and reduce tension in the face whilst “smoothing” out expression lines, all while supporting and healing your nervous and lymphatic system simultaneously. (DYK, both of these systems play incredible roles in the face and overall body; the nervous system affects nearly all aspects of our lives and the lymphatic system helps protect our body from waste, infection and disease!)

To Receive Optimal Product Recommendations as your Skin Changes

Your skin changes month to month, due to seasonal weather, lifestyle changes, stress and diet, sleep patterns and more. In order to ensure you’re receiving the most optimal results from your am and pm skincare routine, I recommend to have a licenced esthetician review your protocol on a monthly basis. When you run out of your serum, rather than buying the same one again, we may recommend something different to meet the current needs of your skin, especially after spending over an hour analyzing it up close. Rotating your skincare with the seasonal changes will support your skin in all its conditions, stages and phases. 

Prioritizing YOU on a Consistent Basis

Finally, one of my favorite reasons for getting regular monthly facials is consistent time carved out for Y-O-U. Our lives move fast and without self-care carved into the calendar ahead of time, it can be difficult to make space for this critical time. Know this: everyone deserves a monthly facial with a professional Holistic Esthetician. Not only is it a wonderful way to tell your body ‘I love you’, but the treatment itself benefits the overall health of your skin, your body, and your mind too.

The best way to keep your skin healthy and happy is to schedule your monthly facials, accompanied with a customized at-home skin care routine. Carve out time for you and come in to see one of our lovely holistic estheticians inside our dreamy spas. See you soon, clean beauties!

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