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Scalp Care 101

the ultimate guide to scalp care

In the world of self-care, it’s easy to focus on facial and body routines, but one crucial aspect often overlooked is scalp care. Your scalp deserves as much love and attention as your face and body do. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of a scalp care routine, its benefits, and how you can establish a simple yet effective routine at home.

The Importance of Scalp Care

“Your scalp needs just as much love and care as your face and body do! Proper scalp care tends to be overlooked in terms of how important it is for your self-care routine.” says Shop Good Holistic Esthetician, Giselle Grazia.

Key Benefits of a Scalp Care Routine

  1. Enhanced Blood Circulation:
    • Improved blood flow delivers nourishment to the hair follicles, strengthening them and encouraging new, healthy hair growth.
  2. Reduction in Muscle Tension:
    • A well-maintained scalp routine reduces muscle tension in the neck and head, alleviating stress and toning facial muscles.
  3. Lymphatic Drainage:
    • Promotes a well-rounded draining/detoxing treatment for the lymphatic system, contributing to overall health.

Establishing a Scalp Care Routine at Home

“A healthy scalp care routine is as easy as 2 steps! A regular clarifying or deep cleaning scalp treatment and hair oil treatments/conditioning treatments are the ideal duo to promote a healthy scalp.” Giselle adds.

Step 1: Clarifying or Deep Cleansing Scalp Treatment

  • Choose a gentle clarifying shampoo or a deep cleansing scalp treatment to break down existing buildup (oils, dirt, product residue, sweat).
  • These treatments contribute to healthy hair follicle activity, soothing a dry, flaky scalp, and reducing inflammation and irritation.

Step 2: Hair Oil Treatments/Conditioning Treatments

  • Incorporate nourishing hair oils or conditioning treatments into your routine.
  • These treatments regulate oil production, providing a holistic solution for a healthy scalp.

Consider the following Shop Good Hair faves o kickstart your scalp care journey:

  1. The Nue Co – Supa_Thick
    • A hair growth treatment that targets both the hair follicle stem cells and dermal papilla cells located at the bottom of the follicle, while prebiotics (inulin) and probiotics (lactobacillus ferment) repopulate the scalp’s all-important microbiome. It also soothes a sensitive scalp, eliminates dandruff and removes product build up to reveal healthy, thick hair.
  2. Agent Nateur – Holi(locks) Serum
    • This backed-by-science, advanced hair treatment oil stimulates and encourages healthier looking hair. When applied topically for at least 12 weeks, this overnight strengthening serum helps your hair to appear denser, thicker and fuller, all without the use of harsh silicones.
  3. Act + Acre – Scalp Renew
    • Just like a facial—but for your scalp. This award-winning treatment gently exfoliates and stimulates blood flow, providing immediate relief to dry and inflamed scalps and leaving you feeling clean, fresh, and nourished.
  4. Innersense Enlightenment Scalp Scrub
    • A scalp scrub exfoliation treatment. Crafted to gently remove impurities – this pre-cleanse exfoliation treatment is formulated with Hawaiian red salt rich in volcanic clay and minerals, apple fruit which restores hydration to the scalp, while celery seed extract + peppermint oil stimulates blood flow, and tea tree oil extracts help to soothe inflammation and irritation.
  5. The Nue Co – Supa_Thick Shampoo
    • A ently foaming, low pH shampoo designed to support hair growth and density. It deeply cleanses hair and scalp to remove build up while reducing shedding, strengthening strands and rebalancing the scalp microbiome.
  6. Act + Acre – Stem Cell Serum
    • A serum that restores the scalp ecosystem from effects of sun damage and pollution, and supports the reduction of hair thinning, dryness, and fallout.

Shop the Scalp Care Edit.

The Signature Scalp Service

At Shop Good, we understand the importance of a personalized scalp care experience. Try our newest spa addition The Signature Scalp Service, where our experts will tailor treatments to your unique needs, leaving your scalp refreshed and rejuvenated.

Investing in a scalp care routine is a commitment to overall well-being. With just two simple steps and the right Clean Beauty products, you can achieve a healthy scalp, leading to vibrant and beautiful hair. Stop in shop or online to explore our curated collection and experience the transformative benefits of scalp care. Your roots will thank you!

Still have questions? DM us @shopgoodco or call us at the shops! North Park / 619-501-5362 Del Mar / 858-209-2050.

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