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The Most Important Products For Skin and Sun Protection.


Things are heating up and the sun is finally peaking out! We asked our Shop Good Holistic Esthetician, Daiana, to share her expertise on skin protection and how-to best optimize your routine to promote long-term skin health and appearance during the upcoming summer months.

SG: Hi Daiana! We love your facials! This one might be obvious, but we need to hear it again (and again). Why is using a daily sunscreen so important?

DG: “Sunscreen everyday is so important because it protects against UV rays, ultimately reducing premature aging and even preventing skin cancer. Exposure to UVA, UVB, and UVC, including ultraviolet radiation from the sun while we’re driving and walking, or from artificial sources like tanning beds, may not have an immediate impact, but may show up later in your life, as early as your mid-30’s. Using SPF daily alongside the use (internally & externally) of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, is a simple & effective way to protect your skin and maintain its health and appearance over time. My all time favorite SPF’s are Suntegrity’s “5-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer” and ”Every Tone SPF 30″ by Lesse.

SG: Ok. Got you on the sunscreen part. So what are the actual benefits of Vitamin C & Retnoids serums? How can they help prevent and repair skin damage?

DG: “Vitamin C and retinoids are both potent ingredients known for their numerous benefits for skin health. Vitamin C is an antioxidant commonly used for its brightening, anti-aging and protective properties, while retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A used for anti-aging and skin renewal. When our cells encounter free radical damage, our cells perform an oxidation process. Think of this process as an apple. When you cut an apple in half and leave it on the counter, it will start to darken, or oxidate. This is also happening to our bodies after UV damage. Vitamins A & C are stars on their own, however, when combined with sunscreen, they become a skincare powerhouse in enhancing protection, repair, and recovery, and prevention in photoaging. “

SG: Sounds amazing, ready to swim in a vat of both A and C! Can everyone use vitamin c serums and retnoids? Or are there things we should be aware of when incorporating?

DG: “Ultimately, not everyone can use Vitamin C serums and Retinoids without potential issues. While they offer significant benefits for many, some may experience irritation or sensitivity. If you are also pregnant or breastfeeding it is incredibly important to consult with your Esthetician beforehand. These are considered active ingredients, which means they communicate with your cells to cause a change in your skin (yes, quite powerful!). It’s important to incorporate these ingredients into your skincare routine very gently. Before doing so, I highly encourage you to see an Esthetician for a better understanding of your skin and its needs. Adding a form of Vitamin A or C that’s too strong for your skin may cause more harm than good. Some possible side effects of strong Retinoids or Vitamin C include dryness, redness, sensitivity, irritation, and overall disruption of the skin barrier. Avoid the stress, and work with a Holistic Esthetician to start slow. Use naturally-derived, gentle forms of A & C; many of which we sell at SG!”

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